Hemobase is the first registry of mutations characterized from Spanish hemophilic patients. Its molecular characterization has been carried out at the Molecular Diagnostic Unit of the Blood and Tissue Bank of Catalonia, although the analyzed samples come from different geographic areas of Spain, thanks to the collaboration of diverse Hospitals and Health Centers.

We try to build  Hemobase as somewhat more than a registry. For this reason, we have included didactic contents in addition to an advanced search system. Hemobase has been possible, thanks to the effort of all of the implied people, successfully obtaining the maximum number of relevant data in each case to formulate statistical queries to database and to relate clinical and molecular parameters.


Hemobase includes exclusively mutations of Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B patients, no mutations from other affected familiars or carrier women of the same family were included. Only in the cases in which it has been impossible to obtain a sample from a patient, the molecular diagnosis was carried out from a carrier.

We project to convert Hemobase in a dynamic registry with permanent updates. For this task, we hope to count with your collaboration to continue developing Hemobase. We trust that this initiative will be useful to you.

Francisco Vidal, PhD. / Dr. Dominique Gallardo, PhD.

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